Chiswick Boxing open session pointers:

  • Open from 17:30 – 21:00
  • Drop in at any time
  • Follow a set Programme (takes 50 to 60 minutes)
  • A Boxing Coach is on hand throughout your time with us
  • 1:1 pad work with a Coach is included
  • Once you’ve finished the programme, if you’re having fun and you’ve got the stamina why not stay and do more? – at no extra cost!

No prior boxing experience is needed to come and box with Chiswick Boxing. We welcome anyone and everyone to our community, all you have to do is to show up with gloves and wraps!

Our Chiswick Boxing Programme works as follows:

  • Warm up: Shadow boxing or skipping for 3 rounds
  • Bag work: 6-8 rounds
  • Pad work: 2 rounds
  • Skipping or circuit work: 2/3 rounds
  • Groundwork (abs and core): 2 rounds

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